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Akumen is a dynamic platform with an intuitive web interface that is supported by cloud-based servers.   Akumen allows users to host an enormous amount of data and ‘make sense of it’ by: creating and exploring multiple scenarios at the same time; launching predictive analytics; accommodating variables; and challenging any situation with ‘what if’ questions.

At Optika, we believe that the best way to realistically predict the real world behaviour of complex, integrated systems is through the thoughtful application of dynamic simulation modelling and analytics.  We apply both predictive (what could happen) and prescriptive (how to make it happen) analytics processes.

A well-constructed model will capture all of the phenomena.  This allows the user to predict system behaviour and, most importantly, test ideas for improvement in a low risk and low cost environment.  In real world terms, this means managers can visualise every possible outcome     before committing substantial investment in things like: new equipment; employing additional staff or making potentially risky changes to operating protocols. However, the success of this approach depends upon strong people capability and a rigorous implementation process. To deliver effective solutions for complex problems, Optika deploys its world class, proprietary solution Akumen.

Akumen is a cloud-based, disruptive, decision support environment and analytics framework that has been developed to bring together the best technologies of advanced analytics and simulation modelling.

Akumen’s unique advantage is its capacity to process vast quantities of data, be it Data at Rest (historic data, or what has happened in the past), Data in Action (what is happening in real time) and Data with Potential (insight into the future landscape).

Akumen allows users to organise data, models and results; launch predictive analytics and challenge any business with “what if?” questions in a single, integrated and collaborative environment.

Companies who use Akumen are empowered with confidence in their decision making.

This enables them to realise their best results and optimal outcomes that directly impact their operations, organisational efficiency and ultimately, profitability.

Some specific technical features include:

  • Users can create infinite scenarios with different model settings and data sets;
  • Cloud-based option allowing access to all users on all platforms using commonly available browsers, even on mobile devices;
  • Models can be built online in a visual environment ;
  • Users can select types of models they wish to run for each scenario;
  • Traceability, accountability of all key source data, assumptions and scenario-runs; and
  • Connection with third party online and real time data feeds.

To date, Akumen has been used for:

  • Live tracking of vessels and animals (export marketing);
  • Macro and micro economic modelling (eg commodity pricing);
  • Ship scheduling and planning;
  • Capital projects evaluation;
  • Port and rail optimisation;
  • Power and Water asset management;
  • Real-time equipment monitoring and maintenance predictions; and
  • Business improvements.

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