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Combating Burn Recovery for Patient Health

The Fiona Wood burn unit needed to discover patient recovery rates for serious burns and have access to a database that can create recovery plans for individual patient needs. Optika Solutions’ award winning product, AKUMEN came to the table and delivered a cloud based solution giving medical professionals access to cutting edge information regarding healing rates and scar maintenance.

AKUMEN has teamed up with the Fiona Wood Foundation’s burn unit – the leading burns unit in the world – to assist surgeons and other allied health professionals to give insight and strategic information regarding burns victims and their propensity to heal, healing time and how best to manage their significant burns.

The impact of work undertaken by Fiona Wood and her team into tissue engineering is well known and has had a global impact.

Growing sheets of cultured skin – and then developing ‘spray on skin’ allows skin grafts to be applied much sooner which reduces the risk of infection and results in less scarring for patients. Spray on skin is now being used around the world and has changed many peoples lives.

Optika Solutions and our data science platforms, AKUMEN has become a new pillar of research and suit of information for Dr. Fiona Wood and her team of health professionals in Perth’s world renowned burns unit to answer the three most important questions for a patient following a burn injury:

1) The skins capacity to heal.

2) The development and maintenance of scarring.

3) Long term health issues the patient may experience after a burn.

The translation of research behind effective burn injury treatment to practical application is at the heart of what the Fiona Wood Foundation does. Research and clinical practice go hand in hand.

For every treatment applied to a burn injury, there are countless hours and often years of research that have informed the practice and ensured the patient will achieve the best possible outcome from experiencing a burn.

Now with AKUMEN and its revolutionary real-time collaborative framework, the State Burns Unit can better understand different aspects of the burns that people may experience and can work together to find the best treatment methods to achieve the best outcomes for the patient, based on the modelling and what-if scenarios available to them on AKUMEN.


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