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From Paddock to Plate: Supply Chain Optimization

An Australian beef exporter struggling with asset management issues has utilized the analytics capabilities of Optika Solutions product AKUMEN to increase their performance, wellbeing of beef assets and overall supply chain.

Australia is a world leader in terms of the value of its beef exports, outranking its competitors. While a relatively small producer of beef, it is the second largest exporter in the world. In 2010-2011, Australia exported 937,301 tons of beef, worth $4.5 billion to prime export markets in Japan, the United States and Korea. It is the quality of Australian beef, both in terms of supplying a safe and delicious product, as well as the range of quality assurance measures in place in the industry that puts Australian beef in high demand.

While already world leaders in quality beef production, one West Australian company wanted to give themselves a competitive edge in supply chain efficiency and animal welfare to ensure the consistency of the quality of beef they are producing, thereby increasing demand for their quality product.

In this instance, the business needed to know that their beef was of consistent quality. Our award winning data science platform, AKUMEN has provided the company in-depth insight into the performance and wellbeing of beef assets.

Utilizing a customized database and advanced reporting tools to accurately measure against performance and costs on a ‘per-asset’ basis has helped identify the actualized profit or loss. Most importantly, the detailed reporting insights show exactly where in the supply chain an issue may occur and management can then take steps to address problems before they arise.

By having complete transparency and insight into the journey from paddock to plate, the Australian beef industry will continue to ensure its position as the most desired beef products in the world and maintain its position as a strong and valued contributor to the Australian economy.


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