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Optika Solutions: Helping the Everyday with their Data Needs

Optika Solutions is one of the world’s foremost providers in data science, solving first world problems daily. Our data scientists create amazing and detailed graphical models that find optimal value from business assets. Our award-winning data science platform, Akumen is used by some of the largest companies in the world, helping to solve their most difficult problems.
At Optika Solutions, we specialize in using advanced techniques to find and analyse trends from huge amounts of data that no one else can find.
Many businesses collect and share an enormous amount of information from customers that don’t have the capability to store their own data properly.

We know that data science is hard! We know that building and managing a team to analyze you data is expensive and often doesn’t get the results you need!
We come to you with a simple proposition: if you have the problem of having large amounts of data that you don’t know how to use effectively, let our team do the hard stuff! We can build you professional and easy to understand models to help you to get the business answers you need.
If you are unsure if all the data you have could be useful to your business, let us be the judge- we are experts! Some of our greatest solutions came from clients who had no idea of the value in their data.
Akumen is an award-winning product that can offer huge potential to any business struggling with their data.

Visit our product page at Akumen.io to start discovering the potential of your data. We are waiting to help you!


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