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Products & Solutions

As one of the world’s foremost providers in data science, our highly skilled team can assist any business that is struggling to make sense of and manage their data.
If you are unsure if all the data you have could be useful to your business, speak to us – we can assist you. Some of our greatest solutions came from clients who had no idea of the value in their data.

AKUMEN, launched in 2014, is our award winning collaborative, predictive data science platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques that create scenarios and answer a businesses what-if questions offering huge potential to any business struggling with their data. AKUMEN’s collaborative, real-time framework allows for seamless usability and allows businesses to take control of their data.

We have a decade of expertise working in a range of domains with world-class knowledge in scheduling, optimization and process control.
We are adaptable and flexible and succeed because we love what we do. Team Optika